What clients are saying

"Eric has helped me clarify my goals as a business owner and break down the overwhelming challenges into simple steps to success."​
Jennifer Lynn
Owner: Citrus and Willow​
"Working with Eric was very clarifying. He didn't tell me what to do, but rather gave me helpful suggestions and valuable feedback on my business when I needed it most. He held the space for me to vent while letting me know that the journey to my success isn't going to be easy but it's SO worth it!"​
Charlye Gray
"I'm new the the field. Eric's passion to help others find their way in this especially crazy time is the angel we all ask for. He reaches out and helps solve questions and forces you to think. With his years of experience, I couldn't ask for more . Thanks Eric!"
Dale Tuccelli

The Five Mountains:

I created The 5 Mountains as a lens through which to view our external and internal world. By separating life into these main sectors, it gives us a handy framework to easily define our dreams, while creating habits and goals to reach them. The 5 Mountains offer balance and an underlying direction to our existence. 


Body, Health, Strength, Stamina, Flexibility.


Mind, Education, Perspective, Knowledge.


Wealth, Income, Energy Source, Abundance.


Family, Friends, Network, Self-Love, Acceptance.


Connection, Purpose, Trust, Peace, Life Meaning.


The happiness and success that you have been searching for in life is here. We can lead to the door, you just have to decide to open it.


Deegear coaching will upgrade your life to a higher tier. Experience a taste of the improvement that you could enjoy personally and professionally. Within these fundamental first sessions, we will explore each facet of your life and how it connects to the bigger picture of your journey.

Meet The Coach

Eric Deegear is an entrepreneur, author, therapist, motivational speaker & business coach. He holds a psychology degree and several therapeutic licenses. After creating and applying successful principles in his personal life, he began to utilize his skills professionally to help those looking to change their lives for the better. Drop him a line for any questions, comments or love-notes.