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Three Reasons For Why You Should Strive for Financial Success

The more you benefit others the more you will benefit yourself. This article borrows concepts from Magnetic Wealth Attraction by Frederick Dodson.

1. The World Won’t Hand It To You.

Life can be hard. In this belief, you will be compelled to take initiative and not wait for the world to serve you but spring at the chance to serve the world. By taking responsibility for your life, you will gain satisfaction with the work of your hands and maybe even happiness. Dodson emphasizes that it is okay to not be happy all the time; There is no need to even try, you can’t.

If you behave like someone who has completed his financial goals, accomplishing this task will arrive upon your doorstep and you will not need to go to it.

2. You Become More Valuable.

Providing others will be a benefit that they can exchange money for or something else of value to you for or the inverse, trading money so that others may benefit you. These transactions never place money as the end goal, but rather as a means to an end; money is never a goal as it shouldn’t as goals revolving around money are about what you can buy with it.

No matter your setbacks you will be able to remake progress lost at any time as it is not the progress or wealth that matters but the knowledge and experience of gaining the progress or wealth. It is also important to discard the belief that making money is the same thing as taking money. You cannot make money without providing a service or benefit to others, as long as you offer something worth paying for no matter your price you will find someone to pay it because the only thing that matters to people is what value you can give them.

3. Life Becomes Better.

Take this as an encouragement! From where you stand, you could go in a million different directions. That even if there are obstacles you can instead of complaining about your path blocked you can, discover the solution (something also touched on by Anthony Robbins in Awaken the Giant Within). If you merely complain and only think of your inhibited progress you will get nothing, but complaints and your progress be furthermore inhibited. However, if you instead look for a solution and work towards finding the solution you will get what you have opened yourself to attracting; you cannot get anything that you do not attract.

Dodson ends with a little bit of fortune cookie wisdom, writing: it is important to do all the difficult things first in the day, as the longer you avoid a challenge the worse it becomes. Correct your mistakes quickly and immediately or they will compound and overwhelm you.


The book is filled with questionnaires that will help you discover where you stand in your journey, and what aspect of yourself you may need to correct. The book itself makes for a quick read, maybe 3-4 hours in length a cost I can highly recommend affording.

About Eric:

Eric Deegear is an entrepreneur, author, therapist, motivational speaker & business coach. He holds a psychology degree and several therapeutic licenses. After creating and applying successful principles in his personal life, he began to utilize his skills professionally to help those looking to change their lives for the better.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the incredible amounts of deep inner work that are required for life and work. Change happens one step at a time with Deegear Coaching.

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