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The Art of Self-Mastery (3 of 3)

Robert Greene’s Mastery is the cornerstone of an entrepreneur’s education. This fantastic book is filled with dozens of key points of masterful cognition, concisely packed alongside examples from history, both recent and long past. We will delve into the topic of Mastery in a 3 part series outlining a few golden nuggets which are highly necessary for crafting your self-mastery.

The World is what you make of it.

Your mind can be trained and conditioned to change; you can readapt your self to overcome issues through how you adjust your thinking alone. It may be no easy task, but it is an objective worth taking as it will ensure you will be able to persevere through all of the trials and tribulations the world throws your way. The world truly is what you make of it, if you can spin a hardship into a blessing, finding the cloud’s silver lining so to speak, you will overcome any adaptability test the world throws your way.

See a need…

You may find when looking at problems you study what is wrong, but you need to look past the what and at the how. True masters never see what they only see the how, if they do not see how right away, they will find it. If you were to study the operation of a car it would be in your best interest to learn how it works and then what the names of the parts are.

When you find the how of a problem, you will be able to find a need, when you see that need, you can fill that need. Filling the need of others will lead to your profit, people do not buy things or services they do not think they need. Thousands of persons throughout history have seen a need, be that to innovate, create, or lead. Find your market and capitalize on it.

The Six Most Common Pitfalls.

As you navigate the landscape of success out will stumble into the six most common pitfalls it contains, but so that you will be warry of them I will list them now:

Complacency. You will find that you grow complacent and think your self happy with what you have gained, but this is a poisonous thought and you must not idle and stagnate.

Conservatism. When you gain success, you will begin to think that your ideas are an unshakeable fact and you will resist innovation. Do not do this, embrace innovation and forward progress, as it will be how you have gained success and how you will gain further success.

Dependency. It may be easy to rely strongly on others, but you must not take to such weakness. They will lord their power over you and dry you of your passion. While in small amount dependency is fine, do not gorge yourself upon it.

Impatience. Impatience has toppled empires and destroyed lives do not be so foolish as to not learn from history but center yourself and act calmly.

Grandiosity. While a good self-image is healthy, woe to those who do not keep their hubris in check. A false sense of grandiosity will only lead to ruin as you know well: pride comes before the fall.

Inflexibility. Work tirelessly to ensure that you are adaptable, if you are not you will find things change fast than you can react, destroy months if not years of progress. Those who do not bend will break.


The pure knowledge in the book Mastery, I cannot recommend the book enough. What I have covered in these articles is only the tip of the iceberg that can be found with reading the book yourself.

Eric Deegear is an entrepreneur, author, therapist, motivational speaker & business coach. He holds a psychology degree and several therapeutic licenses. After creating and applying successful principles in his personal life, he began to utilize his skills professionally to help those looking to change their lives for the better.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the incredible amounts of deep inner work that are required for life and work. Change happens one step at a time with Deegear Coaching.

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