What’s Included?

Regular 1:1 Support & Mentoring Calls

Customized Plan for Getting Booked Up

Monday through Friday Text Support & Motivation

Access to +11 Years of Experience with Business, Marketing & the Massage Industry

A Plan for Avoiding Therapist Burnout

Long-term Assistance & Motivation

Trusted Advice & Consulting

Personal Accountability

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LITE PACKAGE: Steady Growth

Get a call every two weeks for check-in and setting new tasks.

Weekday Voice & Text Chat Availability.

Customized Success map.

ADVANCED PACKAGE: Accelerated Growth

Get 3 calls a month for check-in and setting new tasks.

Personality exams and success map.

Weekday Voice & Text Chat Availability.


Get a call every week for check-in and setting new tasks.

Full-spectrum personality exams and success map.

24/7 Voice & text chat availability. Access to Eric's Secret Audiobook Vault.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Every client I have brought on board for my coaching has gone through the same process. We have an onboarding consultation to identify pain points and current struggles that they would like to focus our energy on. From this, we have enough material to begin the weekly coaching sessions which dive into the meat of the issue. I do not deal in the leaves or branches of my client’s situation, but instead, target the trunk and roots of what problems they are facing and the best way forward to a solution. Weekly phone calls and texting make sure we are on track, while intelligent “homework” allows their focus on the overall outcome to remain steady.

I have a 5 pillar focus for my coaching. Physical, Mental, Financial, Relational & Spiritual. We evaluate current conditions, desired outcomes and foreseen challenges for each category. Then we break down the tasks required into subtasks that present the client with a manageable path forward. We should know what is the desired target for the client’s focus so that the strategy can be adapted accordingly. Questions from the client and coach should revolve around these objectives and how best to accomplish them.

For most clients, the Financial category is the most pressing and immediate need, but we can begin with any of the 5 pillars. I like to begin with an overall picture of each section and then delve into homework for them one at a time. It’s best not to overwhelm the client with incredible amounts of deep inner work, lest they become discouraged and end your coaching out of frustration. Change happens one step at a time. I will take a month to focus on one section if I deem it necessary.

I run the sessions according to the focus which we have agreed upon. A coach should set the parameters and exercises for the client; that is why they hired me, after all, to give them direction and management. I will spend the first part of the coaching session reviewing the homework tasks from the previous time, discussing current challenges and possible solutions, then creating appropriate homework for the week.

The coaching process that works best for me is the same one that I developed for my own inner improvement throughout my teenage years and twenties. I apply the same principles and tasks which I, myself, have gone through in my personal and business development. My 5 pillar strategy works exceedingly well and has been adopted by friends, family, and clients for the past decade with wonderful results. My book, which will be released in 2021 will give a solid overview of these 5 sections and how best to manage their success. What hasn’t worked is anything theoretical that I haven’t tested for myself, as well as trying to work in sectors that I haven’t yet had full research or experience. If you desire success as a leadership coach, you must continue to work upon yourself. I receive coaching as often as I recommend it for my clients and do not see this as a weakness. Spend at least 10% of your annual income on self-improvement and it will pay off a thousand-fold in the years to come.